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Birthday Combo 1

“The DALLAS Petting Zoo” Plus 1 hand-led pony for unlimited pony rides!

  • Includes:
    1 hand led pony for unlimited pony rides!
  • 20 animals, 1 mini horse to feed and pet, an assortment of the following: Nigerian dwarf, African Pygmy and Fainting goats, Julien “mini” pigs, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Californian, Rex and Soma rabbits,  Roen, Snowy Mallard, White Pekin, Crested Pekin, Crested Khaki Campbell ducks and  Bantam chickens. 12 x 10 foot corral. 1 Uniformed Staff member, informative signs, enclosed corral, enter-exit gate, 2 hay bales for seating/decoration, hand sanitizing station, brushes to groom the animals,  and 3 lbs of animal feed. We set up before your scheduled start time and pack up after your contracted time is completed. Holds 10 guests at one time.
    Add 15 baby chicks – $25.00 (2 week advance booking required.)
    2 hour minimum for locations that are 65 miles or more from our farm to your location,  and-or during March, April,  September, and October.
  • For HEALTH and SAFETY reasons, we DO Not include Bovine, Cows, Zebu, mini-steers, etc. in our zoos.  “If it MOOS” it is a health and safety risk around small children, those with compromised immune systems, pregnant women or elderly adults.


“The TEXAS Petting Zoo” Plus one, hand led pony for unlimited pony rides!

Includes: 40+ animals, mini petting pony, baby petting pony, dwarf goats, pygmy goats, Soma rabbits, crested White Peking ducks, mini Bantam chickens and  mini potbelly pigs.
20 x 20 foot corral. Uniformed Staff member, informative signs, corral, 2 hay bales, hand sanitizing station, brushes and 5 lbs of animal feed. We set up before your scheduled start time and pack up after your contracted time is completed.
Holds up to 30 guests at one time.
add an extra PONY for rides, any theme – $75.00 per pony, per hour.
add 15 baby chicks – $25.00 (2 week advance notice/booking required.)

How many ponies will I need for my party?
A: Based on our experience we recommend the following:

Private Parties with 10 or less “participating” children = 1 Pony.
1 pony = approx. 15 rides per hour.

Private Parties with 20 or less “participating” children = 2 Ponies.
2 ponies = approx. 25-30 rides per hour.

Private Parties with 30 or less “participating” children = 3-4

3 ponies = approx. 45 rides per hour.
4 ponies = approx. 60 rides per hour.
(Rides per hour varies due to: photos being taken, length of ride,

We do have Size Limits:
Small ponies, 38 inches tall = 65-75 lbs, maximum.
Large ponies, 43-46 inches tall = 90-95 lbs, maximum.
We do not use full size horses for our pony parties, when you book a “pony party” you get a PONY!
Travel fee of 80 cents per mile one way from us to you. (75156) 2 hour minimum for locations that are 65 miles or more one way from us to you.
For locations 85-99 miles one way please email us for details. If your location is more than 99 miles one way please email us. Party minimums apply.

To check dates and for more info about reserving your special event please click here!
Please note: Due to health and safety reasons, we do not include Bovine: Calf, Zebu, Steer, Cow, etc in our Petting Zoos.
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