Questions About Pony Rides & Petting Zoos

Q:  What happens if it rains on the day of my party?
A:  It has been our experience while performing parties in on days when rain is predicted that if the children and guests are advised ahead of time that they will be attending an “outside” party they will dress appropriately for the possibility of rain on that day. (Rain coats, boots, etc.)
The only time we would stop the party would be in the case of lightning, hail, etc. where safety was an issue.
We can set up the zoo in your garage or under an awning/carport/etc. We
 have two 10 x 10 canopies that provide shade and or shelter from light rain. We hesitate to perform pony rides in garages as garage floors are often painted and therefore are very slippery when they are wet.
If for any reason you do decide to cancel or reschedule your party we require verbal 
and written notification at least 24 hours before your party’s scheduled start time.
If verbal
 and written notice is not received 24 or more hours PRIOR to your start time the payment for the party or event is due in full.  If we arrive at your location to perform your party and you decide to cancel or reschedule upon our arrival, during the party, etc. the full payment for your party will be due in full at that time.

Q:  I have a pool for a back yard, where can we do pony rides and or set up the zoo?
A:  We are able to perform pony rides and set up the zoo just about anywhere as long as the surface is level, non-slippery and not comprised of loose gravel or stones. For pony rides we can utilize driveways, sidewalks, quiet streets, etc.  For the zoo we prefer to set up on grass but can set up on pavement if needed.

  • Q: We have a dog, or dogs, will that be a problem?
  • A:  Please keep all dogs inside or put away for the duration of the event. If there is a loose dog, the pony will be stopped until the dog is put away. Excited dogs charging the pony, nipping the pony’s heels, etc. ARE a SERIOUS safety hazard. This is for  the safety of the children, the pony and the dog.

Q:  Our yard is scheduled to be fertilized the day before our Petting Zoo Party, is this a problem?

  • A:  YES!!!!!! Ponies and or petting zoo animals cannot work on any area that has been chemically treated (fertilizer or insecticide) within the past days due to the danger of poisoning.

Q:  What about fire ants?

  • A:  Please insure the set up area for the pony and or zoo is free of ant mounds, bee hives, wasp nests, etc.  We will NOT set up in these dangerous areas.  


  • Please also insure the set up area is free of dangerous holes, dog or animal feces, glass, trash, etc...if we arrive and we have to wait to have the area “Cleaned UP” we will deduct that time from your party time.  If we feel the area is unsafe for our animals or humans we will try to find an alternate location.  If no suitable location is available full payment will still be due.

Q:  My daughter is turning 3, but there will be some bigger kids at the party, what is the weight limit for the pony?

  • A:  We have size limits of 90 lbs for our large ponies and 7lbs for our smaller ponies. (Sprite, our “famous” little white pony may only accommodate riders up to 75 lbs.) Please let us know when you book your party that you may need a larger pony so we can schedule your party accordingly.

Q:  Do you have limits on how many people I can invite?

  • No, we do not tell you how many guests you can invite, however we do have capacity limits for our zoos……and approx. number of rides per hour per pony for your reference….. It is always better to add an additional pony or add a petting zoo to insure everyone gets to ride as much as they want to without lengthy waiting times.
    Please also keep in mind that children bring siblings to parties, and parents just love to be inside the zoo!  Remember to add them to the total “head” count for your party.  It is never fun for us to tell guests they have to wait until someone comes out of the zoo for them to go inside.  The hour long party goes by very fast, and in order for everyone to ride the pony and or pet the animals you need to have the right size zoo or the right amount of ponies to insure everyone gets the same opportunities.  

Q:  How do you do the pony rides?

  • A:  For pony parties with 1-3 ponies we hand lead the pony.  For parties with 4- 6 ponies we use a Pony Carousel and Corral set up to insure the safety of the children. The corral set up keeps little ones from walking/running behind or around the ponies.

Q:  What happens if the pony goes to the bathroom during the party?

  • A:  We meticulously clean up after the pony and or petting zoo animals during the party and after.  

Q:  What do you bring, do I need to provide anything for the pony rides and zoo?
We bring it all!

  • animal feed for the children to feed the animals with (zoo animals only.
  • petting zoo corral with an entrance/exit gate.
  • all appropriate warning signs.
  • hand washing station.
  • complete set up, take down and clean up during the party and after.
  • trained and uniformed Staff Members for safety.
  • 10x10 canopy that we can use for light rain or shade.
  • straw bales for decoration and or seating.

Q:  What kind of animals come in the zoo?

  • A:  We use miniature farm animals in our petting zoos and SHETLAND ponies, under 45 inches tall so as not to intimidate the children.
  • Our zoo’s are filled with a variety of the following animals:  goatschickens, ducks, pigs and rabbits.
  • Animal list subject to change due to extreme weather, and animal availability.

Q:  Is there a travel fee?

  • A:  Yes, unfortunately due to the high cost of fuel now we must charge travel fee.
  • 80 CENTS per mile one way from our farm to your location.(Mabank, TX 75156.For private parties that are more than  5 miles one way from us to you we have a two hour minimum. For locations more than 80 miles one way please contact us.

Q:  What about a deposit? (please contact us for information about large event deposits.)

  • A: We do require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve all parties. If you cancel for any reason your deposit may be used for a future party with us.

Q:  How soon must I turn in the deposit?

  • A:  As a courtesy we will hold your party date for 5 business days from the time you book your party.  If your deposit and contract are not received in our office by the close of business on the 5th day your reservation will automatically cancel and your party will be removed from our calendar.  We often have clients on “standby for dates so we must advise you to send the deposit in by your deadline.
    We do accept credit cards for the deposit via Pay Pal on our deposit page…..

Q:  How do I pay the remaining balance?

  • A:  The balance may be paid the day of the party, upon our arrival in cash, money order or certified check ONLY. If you would like to pay by credit card, you must let us know at least days before your party so we can send you an invoice via Pay Pal.  Pay Pal’s fee’s will be included.  If you need to cancel and comply with our cancellation policy, we will refund your payment, less the
    deposit back to you in 48 hours.  PLEASE NOTE:  Credit cards are not accepted as payment on the day of the party.  If you would like to pay with credit card it must be done at least 3 days before your event.

Q:  When do you arrive?

  • A:  For pony rides only we allow 10 minutes for set up.  For petting zoo parties we allow between 30 and 45 minutes for set up.  

Q:  How do we book a party?

Q:  What areas do you service?

  • A:  Our main service area is from Ft Worth to Tyler TX.  (East Texas and the DFW area.) We will travel outside of the 100 mile radius for large, multi hour and or multi day events…Please contact us for more information.

Q:  We are planning a large festival, do you offer discounts for Churches, etc?

  • A:  We do offer discounts, click on the link above to find out more.

Q:  We are having a pool party too, is that OK?

  • A:   Wet Bathing Suits: If you are also having a water slide / pool party on the day of your event, please make sure that all of the children are dry before ridingthe pony. Wet bathing suits will not be allowed on the saddle.

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