Unicorn Parties Dallas FT Worth

What is a unicorn party? It’s only every little girl’s dream of course! Imagine a party starring a real unicorn (one of our adorable ponies decked out as the mythical beast). Who could resist something that adorable?

If you are in the Dallas FT Worth area call us to schedule your one of a kind unicorn themed party or event today.

About Unicorns

Unicorns are mythical creatures (meaning if you want to see one in person your have to see Dallaspony.com) Unicorns were considered a symbol of purity and innocence during the Middle Ages. They were said to have magical properties including healing sickness and making poison water drinkable.

In recent years unicorns have become a pop culture phenomenon. What little girl wouldn’t want her very own unicorn for her party or special day?

Unicorn Photos

Unicorns are hard to photograph in the wild but if you click the images below you can see photos taken at some of our unicorn themed parities!

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